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Transcendence [#1 Understanding] Comic Book

Transcendence [#1 Understanding] Comic Book

Skylar Liu is transgender and nonbinary. And they're also in a difficult situation. A close friend of theirs, Laura, outs Sky as trans to her friends, not realising that even with good intentions, outing someone can be harmful and even put them in danger. Can the two of them resolve this tricky situation before things get out of hand?

'Transcendence' is a collection of short comics about transgender characters, the obstacles that get in their way in everyday life, and how they overcome these difficulties. Transcendence - Understanding is the first story in the series, and follows the story of Skylar Liu, a British Chinese nonbinary trans person, who struggles with the situation of being outed by their close friends.

Size: A5
Full Colour
120GSM uncoated
Saddle stitched
4 pages

Language: English

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4.99 GBP